Introduction of Paperless Process at Tema Port

  • DATE01 Sep 2017

Effective 1st September 2017

With effect from the 1st September 2017 a new paperless process will be introduced at the Port of Tema.

Paperless Process
1. Declarant prepares Unique Consignment Reference (UCR) in the GCNet system. The declarant will attach all relevant documents to the UCR. UCR and attached document will be sent to the Ghana Customs Management System (GCMS).

2. Declarant will prepare Permit/Exemption in the GCNet system. Approval will be given by the relevant agencies. Approved permit/exemption will be sent to GCMS.

3. Declarant will process his/her Import Declaration Form (IDF) in PAARS making reference to the UCR created. Customs will issue the CCVR with associated risk level. The CCVR will be sent into the GCMS.

4. Shipping Line / Airline will submit the Manifest via the Westblue system. The Manifest will be rotated and sent to GICCS for declaration processing. Manifest will be sent automatically to GCMS for onward processing.

5. Where Containers need to be moved from the Terminal to an Inland Container Depot (ICD), the Shipping line will send a Container Movement Request (CMR) through GICCS. The selected ICD will approve the request. CMR will be sent to Customs for approval. ICD will update the CMR when containers are finally received. GICCS will update the Cargo Tracking system with the current location of the container.

6. Declarant will prepare the declaration in the GICCS system making reference to the UCR. Declaration will be updated with all fields already provided on the CCVR. Manifest details and other reference documents are updated automatically. Item details are automatically populated from the CCVR.

7. Declarant/Importer will make electronic payment using any of the available channels. Bank will confirm payment by updating the declaration status to Paid. GCMS will send an alert (SMS and Email) to declarant on the status of declaration.

8. Declaration is automatically sent to Customs Compliance for vetting. Where issues are identified on the declaration, the Compliance officer will send a query to the declarant via the GICCS system. Declarant will respond to the query after making necessary corrections on the declaration. Declaration will be processed for examination or released depending on the risk level selected by the Risk Engine. GCMS will send an alert (SMS and Email) to declarant on the status of declaration.

9. Shipping Line will submit an electronic delivery order to the terminal after declarant has made payment for the necessary charges.

10. Declarant will submit a Container/Cargo Position Request to the terminal. Terminal will position the containers based on the request from declarant

11. Where examination is required, a Joint Inspection team (to be managed by Westblue) will be notified to be present for physical examination. Release by all relevant agencies will be issued and passed onto the GCMS for the Delivery Order to be issued.

12. Consignment may be released into Home Consumption, Warehouse, Freezone or Transit.

Cargo Positioning Request (CPR)
The Cargo Positioning Request (CPR) is a service provided by GCNet to declarants to enable them request for the positioning of their cargos electronically. The request is initiated by the declarant after release has been granted by the shipping line.
In making the request, the declarant will select a staff member of their company (who will be present for the examination) and the date for the terminal to position the container.

GPHA Terminals
GCNet has integrated their systems with GPHA to receive billing information automatically. Upon receipt of the CPR, GPHA will automatically issue an invoice which will be sent to the declarant via the GICCS system. The Declarant/Importer can make payment electronically via available payment channels. The declarant will be notified of the location of the cargo when container is finally positioned. Where other charges are required, GPHA will raise supplementary invoice to the declarant.

Other Terminals
Terminal will update with the container position after receipt of CPR. Payment for service is done administratively after examination is done.