Change to eIDF Workflow

  • DATE21 Apr 2016

Effective 21st April 2016

As part of the roll out of the Pre-Arrival Assessment Reporting Systems (PAARS) the preparation of Import Declaration Forms (IDF) ceases to be prepared on the eMDA platform effective 21st Aril 2016.


The new work flow foir IDF will be as flows will be as follows:

  1. Prepare UCR in eMDA and indicate it is will be used for Customs Valuation.
  2. Log on to PAARS, and prepare eIDF in PAARS using UCR prepared in eMDA and attach required documents.
  3. eIDF will be issued from PAARS and transmitted to eMDA.
  4. eIDF will be used as a seed document to generate CCVR
  5. CCVR and trade documents will be transmitted to eMDA.
  6. Trade documents are then linked to UCR in eMDA.